Sea Luminaries

24 05 2008

Astonishing Sea~Creatures

The Center of Refuge

12 02 2008


The Center of Refuge

When the storms of life rage wildly around you, fear not. There is a center of refuge, a sanctuary in the midst.

You are not alone.

There, you will find solace and quietude. There, every whispered plea is heard. There, every heartfelt cry is comforted.

Look deeply into the Eyes Of Love. Do not look away.

Let the storms of life rage on. You are sheltered from the wrath. You are not destroyed. You are anchored in the center.


Are anchored.

In the.


The tempests will come. The storms will crash about you.

You are not moved. There, is your sanctuary. There, is your center of refuge.

There, in the Heart of God.


4 11 2007

girl-jump-pt5q_small.jpgThere is something good coming your way.  Yes.  Can you feel it?   The anticipation builds to excitement.  Expectancy fills the air.  Take a deep breath.   Fill yourself with a sense of wonder.  It won’t be long now.

You have been waiting a long time, haven’t you?  And now the hour of arrival has come.   Keep your eyes open.  It could be just around the next corner.  Yes.   It will be here very soon.

Feel the electricity, the vibrancy of this moment.  It’s alive with expectancy.  You know it’s close.  You can hardly contain your joy. It effervesces from the well-spring of Hope within.  It flows from the reservoir of Truth.

You know the Truth.  You know what you know. 

There is no doubt about it now…

You and your miracle are about to meet.

All Is Well

13 10 2007

fog.jpgA white mist nestles down in the amethyst mountains. A chill settles over the valley. Heavy boughs hang low from slumbering pines.  All is still.  Night’s grand embrace quiets the restless heart.  Sleep my Love.  shhhhhhh….All is well.

Enriched Living

4 10 2007

This Is No Ordinary Life

28 09 2007


This is no ordinary life.  Extraordinary events and micro-happenings take place every single day.   What does it take to tune in to these inspiring moments?  Have you ever thought about it? 

Quiet yourself inside.  Capture those intrusive thoughts and gently lay them aside.  Now picture something beautiful.  Feel the beauty enwrapping you. Feel yourself relaxing in its tender embrace.

Let go for one moment.  Let it all go.  Just feel.  What other marvelous thing is swirling about just below your consciousness?    It’s there.  First, feel its presence.  Then, it will emerge gradually into your mind’s eye.   What it timeless about it?  What is beautiful?  What is awe-inspiring?  What is it about this vison that makes you feel grateful?  

In the quiet mind, the nuances of ordinary become the “ah-ha” revelations of the extraordinary! 

The Path of Peace

16 09 2007

The path of peace begins inside.  It’s heart thing.  A shift at the core of your being.  Serenity, tranquillity, peacefulness.  

Embrace yourself first.  I am at peace with me…. I am peaceful.    Breathe it in deeply.  

Exhale slowly as peace bubbles up and flows through the quantum universe, one heart energy to the next, a gentle wave rippling into the limitless beyond.  

Peace…it’s a quiet thing.
IMG_2189a Serene fountain flow